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You need to have exceptional outdoor lighting if you really love your home. Your home will have an inviting and warm atmosphere if you select the very best. However, this is only possible if you select a certified, experienced specialist in outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.

The lighting specialist has to analyze every aspect of your outdoor lighting requirements in order to design the very best outdoor lighting system for you. Knowing the values of your materials, proper installation procedures, and the selection of your fixtures are all areas that critical to creating your successful lighting portrait.

It is an art to create landscape lighting. This art requires the capability to understand the primary principles of texture, transitions, balance, form, elements, and lighting levels. What sets Illumination Concept’s certified installers and visual artist apart for other lighting specialists is our ability to blend all of these principles together into cohesive lighting portrait.

We will only install the highest quality products that require a minimum of yearly maintenance and will last a lifetime. Our outdoor lighting systems won’t be deteriorated from ground moisture that will destroy poorer quality lighting systems that use inferior materials and therefore will disable the whole system. We prevent the replacement of lighting systems on only a few short years by offering the most experienced level of craftsmanship in the lighting business and the finest quality lighting products. A beautifully lighted yard allows you to enjoy all of its benefits, creates more value for your home when you decide to see the home, and increases the value of your home while you are living in your home.

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It has been demonstrated that the potential for crime is reduced by as much as 50% by having proper outdoor lighting around a business or a home. You can increase visibility for police patrols and neighborhood watches and eliminate hiding places by lighting dark facades and shrub areas.you decide to see the home, and increases the value of your home while you are living in your home.


You can still enjoy your outdoor living long after the sun goes down with artistic applications such as flower beds and trees, focal points, and accent lighting structures. While creating an inviting and soft atmosphere to welcome the guests to your home, you also create an aura of elegance around your home and property.

Depending of the occasion, you can also create customized specific areas of your yard. An entertainment node is ideal for display while an entrance mode illuminates the pathways and the driveway for when you come home at night. Where outdoor lighting is installed next to your home, creative modes can also be designed. There are endless possibilities Illumination Concepts has more than 26 years of experience and, using endless lighting options that have limitless possibilities have everything that you need to make a visual impact for your home.

Illumination Concepts, Inc. is a member of the National Association of remodelers Institute, Austin Branch), the Association of Outdoor Professionals, the International Academy of Architectural Landscaping Lighting, and the Home Builders Association.

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