At Illumination Concepts in Austin we will work very closely with the homeowner in order to achieve the lighting effects that are desired for a creative outdoor lighting design. Outdoor lighting can be both aesthetic and functional. It takes a very creative lighting designer to determine where the focal points should be and to understand how much light to place on a home. Our outdoor lighting designer will help you during the design process.

Our highly trained outdoor lighting staff have many years of installation, landscape design and outdoor lights experience that can help you create a professional outdoor lights installation.

At Illumination Concepts, we can provide solid copper and brass light fixtures that come with a lifetime warranty for your outdoor landscape lighting. We can also provide the most versatile, most efficient, and safest lighting equipment that is available in the marketplace today. In short we can provide the highest quality lighting materials and lighting fixtures.

We will provide continued support services by handling any difficulties that you may come across and courteously answering any of your questions. We can also provide maintenance by full time landscape illumination service crews.

The secret to our customer’s satisfaction is the personal relationship that we establish from the very beginning of all of our customer’s projects. We work closely with our customers – whether they are commercial business owners or homeowners in order to achieve the desired outdoor lighting effect.

Austin Landscape Lighting is the best there is.

Austin Landscape Lighting offers lighting services that feature lifetime warranties on all transformers and fixtures that we install, a two year warranty on all bulbs that are installed on our outdoor systems, prompt servicing of any outdoor landscape lighting system issues, a free demonstration during the nighttime, and customized landscape illumination systems.

We have illuminated properties that included community entrances, restaurants, embassies, hotels, mansion, and town homes in addition to our core residential customer base. We have installed our lighting systems in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Austin area.

Austin Landscape Lighting can provide ongoing support and service, installation services, professional lighting design, and the highest quality light products because we are the leading provider of low voltage landscape lighting systems.

We provide both commercial landscape lighting services and residential landscape lighting services. When you contact Illumination Concepts to permit us to showcase your business or home’s beauty, we will set up a convenient time for you to meet with us and we will explain in full the steps that we take to create a superior outdoor light system that will certainly enhance your home or business at absolutely no cost to you. We believe it is important to explain the products we offer and walk around the grounds of your business or home during the installation process and explain the products that we can provide and your objectives as far as your outdoor landscape lighting is concerned.

The high quality of our outdoor landscape products is the one thing that sets our outdoor lighting services apart from the competition. Everything we use such as the bulbs, lighting fixtures, and transformers are of the highest quality. These superior exterior landscaping lighting products won’t wear out after only a couple of years. Illumination Concepts also uses a hands on, in depth process that you will appreciate. We make everything as convenient for you as possible.

At Illumination Concepts, we provide a complete line of architectural lighting services and outdoor landscape light services that is designed to offer you increased security, increase the value of your home or business, and beautify your home or business.

We personally design all of our lighting work. Outdoor landscape lighting services is our only business, unlike many other lighting companies, who only provide exterior lighting services as a sideline to their primary business.

Please contact us today for an appointment. You will be glad you did!

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