New LED landscape lighting provides easy maintenance with no more changing expensive bulbs, provides a 75% energy savings, and will ensure a beautiful quality of light. Those are the primary reasons why homeowners should replace their old outdoor lighting system with an affordable economically friendly light system. LED lighting will ensure that colors come alive in their natural tones. It delivers a warm, pure white light that doesn’t have a yellow tint or blue cast as other landscape light sources do (unless of course colored LED lights are used). In addition, LED light sources are engineered to maximize their technology. This means that an LED light system will deliver a perfect beam angle for a solid punch of light precisely where you want it such as on the home, trees, or plants.

LED light systems provide homeowners with four seasons of ideal illumination which will permit them to create outdoor spaces that are welcoming and safe as well as enjoying the beauty of their home’s landscape and exterior after dark.

For homeowners that want their landscape and home to be lit beautifully, LED lighting will deliver the finest quality of light for them. This is a warm, beautiful, light that will enhance a homeowner’s exterior surroundings. There will also be less impact on the environment because there will be less power waste. LED fixtures are designed and tested to last over 20 times longer than most regular bulbs. This means that during the next 15 years, there will be no light bulbs to throw away or to purchase. LED lights can save homeowners a considerable amount of money on maintenance costs over replacing conventional light bulbs.

Since homeowners can use the power of LED landscape lighting, that should stop wasting their money on expensive conventional outdoor lighting fixtures. The conventional outdoor lighting systems use as much as 340 watts consumed for an average of six hours each day. LED lighting fixtures consume about 75% less electricity than conventional lighting that has about the same light output.


You can still enjoy your outdoor living long after the sun goes down with artistic applications such as flower beds and trees, focal points, and accent lighting structures. While creating an inviting and soft atmosphere to welcome the guests to your home, you also create an aura of elegance around your home and property.

Depending of the occasion, you can also create customized specific areas of your yard. An entertainment node is ideal for display while an entrance mode illuminates the pathways and the driveway for when you come home at night. Where outdoor lighting is installed next to your home, creative modes can also be designed. There are endless possibilities Illumination Concepts has more than 26 years of experience and, using endless lighting options that have limitless possibilities have everything that you need to make a visual impact for your home.

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