There are many different reasons to install low voltage outdoor lighting systems. These reasons include their affordability since each lighting system is customized to the homeowner’s budget, they are designed with expansion, serviceability, and flexibility in mind, there is a less disruptive installation technique, home automation and LED lamps system control options reduce cost all around the year, and they usually have only 1/3 the operating costs of high voltage systems.

In addition, shadows, or the areas of a homeowner’s property that are dark that are created by high voltage lighting fixtures give visitors who are unwanted a place to hide. The ideal choice for illuminating entrances and walkways to allow guests and residents to move safely and securely around the homeowner’s property is a low voltage exterior lighting system. Illuminating the private or recreational areas of a homeowner’s property allows the homeowner to use the area all throughout the night. As a result of poor and inadequate lights, far too many homeowners don’t get to enjoy their landscapes or outdoor areas anywhere close to much as they would prefer. Low voltage systems will accentuate and highlight the textures and shapes of the homeowner’s landscape structure. Most external lighting contractors will create a portrait that will dramatically illuminate the homeowner’s property by taking the homeowner’s desires into consideration.

Austin low voltage landscape lighting is the best!

An external illumination system that is correctly designed and installed will not only increase the value of the homeowner’s property, but will also provide years of trouble free operation at a much smaller cost than a high voltage exterior light system. Many lower voltage fixtures that are well placed will not only be much less expensive to operate than cheap looking flood lights or 120 V spotlights but will also be more dramatic and inviting. As compared to high voltage outdoor light systems, low voltage systems will consume approximately 1/3 less energy.

The best designs for landscape illumination will allow the homeowner to more comfortably enjoy their yard all during the night and also look spectacular. Homeowners can take worry free evening walks with handsome path lights illuminating their way. These lights can stage dramatic focal points up with spotlighting, lighting, or shadows while creating a romantic mood with moonlighting. A combination of deck lights and patio lights can transform any yard into the ideal nighttime gathering area so the homeowner will no longer be limited to afternoons for garden parties etc.

Both halogen and LED lighting systems are available in the marketplace. Either selection will offer a dramatic energy savings as compared to standard light systems. In addition, the homeowner’s yard will look spectacular at night.

Many homeowners are having their landscaper install their landscape illumination these days. Usually, these landscapers want to make some extra money and please their customer. However, low voltage external lighting isn’t the same as low knowledge outdoors lighting. Something will usually go wrong unless the designer/installer knows his stuff. Homeowners should only hire a licensed landscape illumination installer to install their outdoor lights.

Everybody knows the plants are light sensitive. Therefore it is possible that outdoor lighting might affect the homeowner’s plants. However,these systems are considered safe for plants. The light output is sufficiently low so as not to adversely affect a plant’s dormancy or health cycle. This isn’t true of all artificial lights. Some research has shown that high pressure sodium lights, such as some street lights, will probably affect plants.

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