You should balance the demands of security and safety of lighting maintenance and energy efficiency with an outdoor lighting system from Illumination concepts. We can provide energy efficient, outdoor light design and installation services for home and commercial businesses.

We provide outdoor illumination packages for literally any home or business application. Our professional illumination services experts will provide you with a complete lighting system package that includes everything from design through maintenance that are all designed to meet your specific requirements.

Illumination Concepts can provide the best outdoor lighting systems for your residential and commercial requirements including path lighting, submersible lighting, deck lighting, garden and landscape lighting, and architectural lighting. Our lighting systems will accent, illuminate, and enhance your outdoor environment.

Your outdoor lighting experience will begin when you first meet our outdoor lighting experts. Our lighting designers can create a lighting demo display that will enhance the attributes of your property. This permits you to witness the unique effects that our lighting will have on your actual property. We will provide a written estimate for the design and installation and the exact aiming of the outdoor landscape lighting system that you have chosen once you have approved all aspects of that lighting system.

Austin outdoor lighting – Our Landscape Lighting is the best!

Because each commercial and residential property has unique focal points and characteristics, Illumination Concepts doesn’t sell any lighting programs or packaged lighting systems. Our professional outdoor lighting designers will design your outdoor system to highlight the specific features of your home or business.

We only install low voltage, energy efficient, high quality transformers and fixtures that are manufactured to our precise specifications.

Our fixtures are made to last,are weather resistant, and made from solid copper, or brass. We don’t use materials such as paint that could easily flake or chip, unlike some of our competitors. This includes the type of connectors we use for our wiring. Our transformers have a 10 year warranty and our connectors and fixtures have a limited lifetime warranty. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and support for our outdoor lighting systems.

We can provide an optional yearly maintenance program that will extend the one year bulb warranty for continuous years. Therefore, our customers won’t have to worry about the labor, materials, or cost needed in order to maintain their outdoor ligh system.

At a minimum, this yearly maintenance program includes accommodating the landscape growth by moving the lighting fixtures, trimming the landscape shrubs that have overgrown the lighting fixtures, tightening and straightening the lighting fixtures and their connections, cleaning all fixtures and clear covers, and changing all of the bulbs.

The benefits if this maintenance program includes making the necessary aesthetic lighting improvements without additional capital spending or funding, providing safer sidewalks, enhancing your streets, eliminating your exterior lighting maintenance problems, extending the operating hours of your business, and providing safer parking lots and pathways for the general and your students, customers, and employees, thereby reducing your liability.

The professionals at Illumination Concepts take pride in the specialization of the design, installation, and servicing of low voltage, high value, and high quality exterior outdoor lighting systems.

In order to achieve the desired results, outdoor landscape lighting design takes more than simply the right equipment. Both retail and online sources will try to increase their sales by claiming that their outdoor light fixtures are easy to install. This might be true if you want generic results. However, it takes more than a bargain purchase to achieve superior quality in outdoor landscape lighting design. It requires a carefully planned installation and a great manufacturer. There aren’t many online stores or outlets that can provide a truly customized outdoor landscape lighting design simply because they are only the distributors of lighting products. At Illumination Concepts in Austin, we not only function as vendors for some major lighting manufactures, but also as a consulting agent whose passion and creativity will meet and exceed the customer’s expectations with long lasting and truly unique benefits.

Your average homeowners have already invested in a quality home that reflects their good taste, and have an eye for artistic and aesthetic appeal. There are many retailers of outdoor light equipment who don’t recognize this and treat their customers like they don’t know anything about outdoor landscape lighting equipment. Illumination Concepts in Austin takes a totally different approach that is based on our respect for the customer’s basic knowledge of outdoor lighting systems. We understand that customers already have a general vision of what they want for a landscape lighting design when they call our office. What we do is take that general vision and begin the process whereby that vision becomes a reality.

Contact us today for more information on Austin outdoor lighting and make an appointment to see how we can transform your home’s nightscape into a functional thing of beauty.

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