Cedar Park Landscape Lighting

Illumination Concepts is dedicated to providing Cedar Park residents and commercial property owners with low, voltage, high quality and innovative outdoor systems for lighting. Whether you are investing in a lighting system for an image upgrade, safety reasons or security, you can feel confident that the lighting technicians at Illumination Concepts has the skills and experience to help you transform your outdoor area into a warm, inviting, well-lit space.

Skilled and experienced landscape lighting technicians can help transform your property.

With over 26 years’ experience, our technicians have virtually designed and installed a wide array of light fixtures for restaurants, homeowners, commercial residents, community buildings and much more. Investing in a lighting system provides many benefits that include:

  • Enhances the image of your home or commercial property
  • Increases re-sale value of your home
  • Provides well-lit entry ways for visitors to your home
  • Increases the amount of safety and security around your home and/or business

Whether you are a homeowner or own a commercial property, outdoor LED lighting will enhance any area of your outdoor space. At Illumination Concepts, we have a wide variety of different light fixtures ranging from low-voltage to LED lighting fixtures that were designed to provide efficiency, reduce energy and create an inviting environment.

Our Cedar Park outdoor lighting is the best!

The first step to achieving the perfect lighting experience for your landscape is actually scheduling a free consultation. It can be difficult to explain what you need on paper. At Illuminations Concepts, we will provide a lighting demonstration based on your illumination needs and show you how your landscape will look when you invest in landscape LED or low voltage lights. Whether you need path lighting for your hard to see entry ways or you need a more robust lighting system to showcase your outdoor deck, you can feel confident that the skilled technicians at Illumination Concepts can bring your vision to life.

We will maintain your outdoor light system for you so it can last you a lifetime!

Once we analyze your area, we talk with you to focus on your landscape design goals and get an idea of your vision. Your vision coupled with our years of experience and technical know-how will provide us with the opportunity to create a beautiful, efficient and long lasting landscape lighting system. Not only do we use the highest quality lighting materials, but we also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your lighting system is up to par. Our maintenance service includes handling all aspects of your lighting system for you. This includes maintaining the light fixtures and connectors as well as trimming any landscaping that grows over your lights.

Schedule a free consultation with one of Cedar Park outdoor lighting technicians today!

When it comes to outdoor lights, it’s more than just installing lights in a particular area; it’s about creating a masterpiece. Our Cedar Park landscape lighting technicians are specially trained to identify the right lighting concepts and angles for your home while still providing an innovative, versatile and transformational landscape lighting systems. If you want to create an efficient and long-lasting lighting system for your landscape, give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

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