Dripping Springs Landscape Lighting

Whether you have a home or a commercial location, outdoor LED or low voltage lighting is an important aspect of any landscape. Landscape lighting showcases the main focal points of your outdoor space while providing extra safety and security. When you have the right lighting system in place, you can enjoy an efficient and beautiful landscape.

The ability to design, install and maintain a lighting system requires the special skills and expertise of a lighting technician. At Illumination Concepts, our technicians have over 26 years combined experience providing different concepts and lighting systems to a wide variety of clients. Our clients range from restaurants, hotels, community centers, commercial building and much more.

Discover the many benefits of having a low, voltage, high quality landscape light system!

Installing a lighting system is much more than beauty. While outdoor LED or low voltage lighting creates a visually pleasing outdoor space, it also provides the opportunity for safety, security and increased re-sale value of your home. Outdoor light systems are versatile, efficient and long-lasting. An outdoor lighting system is ideal for:

  • Brightening up path ways to guide your visitors to your doorstep and entry ways
  • Showcasing your garden and pond with  lighting specifically designed for that
  • Illuminating steps, stairs and  potential hazardous areas of your yard and landscape

At Illumination Concepts, we only use the highest quality lighting fixtures and equipment to ensure that you are getting the best Dripping Springs outdoor lighting experience possible. By using high quality, low-voltage lighting fixtures we can help you reduce energy costs while providing you with a lighting system that will last a lifetime.

Our Dripping Springs outdoor lighting is the best!

We want to help you keep your landscape lighting system for a lifetime!

In fact, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on some of most in-demand lighting fixtures as well as provide continuing maintenance services. When you invest in a lighting system with Illumination Concepts, you will have the option to take advantage of our detailed ongoing maintenance program. During this program, you won’t have to worry about the up keep of your light system because our team will take care of everything for you. We will provide you with the manual labor, the light fixture changes, and anything else that you need to ensure your lighting system is in good condition and will last a long time.

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The technician you choose to design, install and maintain your landscape lights can have a huge impact on how your lighting will appear. At Illumination Concepts, we take our time to get to know you, know about your vision and your personal style. Once we get a deep understanding of who you are and your vision of how you want your outdoor space to be, we will design a detailed lighting system plan based on your needs.

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