Lakeway Landscape Lighting

Whether you own your own home or are trying to enhance the image of your commercial business, you can highlight features of your building or home with outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting enhances any outdoor area and provides safety, beauty and security.

While lighting systems for outdoors provides an upgraded appearance to your home or building, it also requires the special skills of qualified technicians to design and install lighting for you. At Illumination Concepts, we have been providing the highest quality lighting systems for over 26 years to residential and commercial clients. Our landscape lighting includes deck lighting, path lighting, submersible lighting, garden lighting, architectural lighting and all types of lighting .Our technicians will provide you with a comprehensive lighting system package that includes design, installation and maintenance.

Since each home and commercial building is unique, our Lakeway outdoor lighting technicians will work with you to create a customized lighting experience that is specifically tailored to your lighting system goals. Whether you need to illuminate an entry way with path lights or you need to highlight your pond, you can feel confident that our technicians will provide you with the skills, resources and dedication to make sure your landscape lighting experience is a pleasurable one.

We will provide you with a demonstration of how your Lakeway landscape lighting will look

While it can be hard to determine what lighting design is great for you, our technicians go the extra mile and will provide you with a demo. This way you can witness how the lighting system will look on your actual property.

We care about energy consumption and safety as much as we care about the beauty and enhancement of your property. We only install low voltage, energy efficient and high quality transformers that are manufactured to our precise specifications. To ensure that you are getting the best lighting experience possible, we only install low voltage, energy efficient and high quality transformers and fixtures. Our outdoor light fixtures are weather resistant and made from either copper or bass. This means that you will have an efficient lighting system for a lifetime.

Discover why many of our Lakeway outdoor lighting clients prefer Illumination Concepts to handle their lighting needs.

If you are worried about the general upkeep and wear and tear of your landscape LED or low voltage lighting, don’t worry. We have a 10 year warranty on our transformers and our connectors and fixtures have a limited lifetime warranty. We also will provide continuing maintenance to make sure your outdoor lighting is functioning properly. This way you don’t have to worry about lighting fixtures, labor, materials or other costs involved in maintaining a lighting system. Our yearly maintenance program usually includes adjusting your lighting fixtures, trimming shrubs and bushes that have grown over the landscape lighting fixtures as well as tightening and straightening the lighting fixtures and their connections.

At Illumination Concepts, we will help you eliminate the stress of maintaining a lighting system. While we design, install and maintain your light system, you can enjoy entertaining your family, friends and customers. When it comes to creating a beautiful lighting experience, you need the skills, knowledge and resources of experienced lighting technicians who have an eye for creating beautiful landscape lighting designs.

We understand that you have a specific vision for your home and/or property, and we are here to help you bring that outdoors lighting vision to life. Whether you want to illuminate hazardous outdoor and landscape areas or you simply want to create a creative space for entertaining and creating memories, the Illumination Concepts team can provide you with all the skills and experience to help you create a beautiful landscape light system.

If you are ready to turn your Lakeway outdoor lighting vision into reality, give us a call and schedule a free consultation today!

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