Privacy Policy

The primary concern of Illumination Concepts, Inc. is your privacy. Our objective to clarify and expand our policy on the collection and use of customer information is to make absolutely sure that there is a high level of confidentiality and security and in place.

Your personal information that is provided to Illumination Concepts, Inc., including your company’s name, your phone number, your address, and your name won’t be used, distributed, sold, or provided to any other individual or company for use in solicitation or marketing effort. Your personal information will only be used in support of your relationship to Illumination Concepts Inc. as a customer and will be maintained in the strictest confidentiality.

In addition, any information that is collected by means of your computer’s cookies won’t be used, distributed, sold, shown, or provided to any other individual or company for their use. The cookies that we use are kept strictly confidential and used to access statistical data and to collect browser information. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions with regard to our privacy policy.

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