Spicewood Landscape Lighting

Whether you have a home, restaurant, apartment community or commercial location, we can provide you with custom design, installation and maintenance of beautiful lighting systems that meet your needs.

Landscaping lighting is more than a collection of light fixtures and connectors. It’s a work of art specifically designed to highlight the best features and accents of any home or building. While lighting is praised for its beauty, it also offers many additional benefits that make it a great investment for any home or commercial property. Installing a landscape lighting system offers the following benefits:

  • Illuminate pathways and entryways with path lights to guide your guests
  • Illuminate your steps and stairs to avoid trips and falls and other hazardous conditions
  • Illuminate your garden or pond to showcase the beautiful nature that surrounds you
  • Illuminate your outside deck and patio for entertaining family and loved ones
  • Illuminate your outside area to create a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Illuminate your entire landscape for a visually pleasing atmosphere

Designing and installing a high quality, low-voltage lighting system usually requires the skills and knowledge of an experienced technician who has years of experience creating beautiful masterpieces for homeowners, restaurants, community buildings, and commercial locations. At Illumination Concepts, our skilled and experienced landscape lighting technicians have over 26 years combined experience helping Spicewood residents and commercial property owners brighten up their outdoor space.

We can help you bring your outdoor vision of your landscape to life!

Our Spicewood outdoor lighting is the best!

The outdoor LED or low voltage lighting process cannot begin without your vision. Our technicians understand that you have a certain way you want your outdoor lights system to look. We want you to experience how your outdoor space will look with a high quality lighting system. Therefore, we come to your home or establishment and provide you with a demo to show you how beautiful your space can look with an outdoor lighting system. Once we get an understanding of how you want your lighting to look, we will analyze all aspects of your area and provide you with the best recommendations and lighting configurations to make your outdoor space really shine.

Our landscape lighting fixtures are backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

At Illumination Concepts, we understand the importance of creating a beautiful lighting system while still factoring in cost, quality and energy usage. We only use the highest quality lighting fixtures that are made out of copper and brass and they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This ensures that your lighting fixtures will last a long time. In addition to carrying the highest quality of products, we also provide low voltage lighting, and LED lighting that consumes a lot less energy than traditional lighting.

We offer more than just outdoor design and lighting installation services. We also have a comprehensive lighting maintenance program that helps you eliminate the stress and up keep of a lighting system. Our lighting maintenance program is specifically designed to help you enjoy your Spicewood outdoor lighting while we take care of all the manual labor. Our landscape maintenance program includes labor, installation of new lighting fixtures, trimming shrubs and bushes that grew over the lighting and landscape, and changing lighting when necessary.

Let Illumination Concepts provide you with a pleasurable outdoors lighting experience!

Spicewood Outdoor lighting can enhance any home or building and create a pleasurable experience for you and your guests. Whether you need path lights, landscape lighting, or you simply want to create a full-fledged lighting system for your entire outdoor area and landscape, you can rely on Illumination Concepts to provide you with high quality lighting fixtures, design and landscape service.

Give us a call and schedule a free consultation today and discover how we can transform your outdoor landscape!

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